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Soap Dispensing Dish Brush & Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge (Buy 1 & Get 1 Free)

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Buy 1 X Soap Dispensing Dish Brush & Get 1 X Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge Free at 

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Soap Dispensing Dish Brush:

Add brush cleaning liquid, designed hydraulic liquid, PP bristles, strong cleaning power, easy to clean various materials, not hurt tableware
Handheld liquid brush storage tank makes boring and fun cleaning clean
Slightly click to flow out
Add brush cleaner to add cleaner to the handle
The base is convenient for private storage and has a natural drainage brush
Round, four corner contact, small size, easy to clean pits, dirty

Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge:

With some of the grippiest bristles in the industry, our food grade silicone is no match for any of the other cheap alternatives as our sponges have the greatest scrubbing ability.

Our kitchen sponges are not just amazing dish scrubbers as they also work incredibly well as hot pads due to their great heat insulation. They can even be used as vegetable scrubbers due to their extreme scrubbing abilities which can easily be used to scrub the dirt off of vegetables and fruits like potatoes and apples.

Along with our cleaning sponges, we include 3 food grade bowl scrapers which will remove all of the hard stuck on food which makes it easier to clean your plates and pans with our sponges.

NOTE:Random Color & Patterns Are Available, Product Color & Pattern Will Be Sent As Per Availability.

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