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Cooking Bbq Oil Brush & Bamboo Skewers BBQ 100 Pieces (Buy 1 & Get 1 Free)

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Cooking Bbq Oil Brush

The flexible silicone brushes are in good quality and will not melt, warp, discolor or shrink like regular plastic or wooden brushes, the bristles will not break or shed in your food like ordinary brushes Lightweight handle provides a comfortable and firm grip that makes basting easy

The pastry brush can be hand washed in soapy water or thrown into dishwasher, the grease on it can be removed easily What more, the silicone basting brush dry fast in the air and remain no residue nor odor become stiff even if you leave it aside for a long time

Safe to use: the barbeque brushes are essential kitchen gadgets for home use made of quality silicone material, sturdy and safe to use get broken easily, ensure long term use

Bamboo Skewers BBQ 100 Pieces

IDEAL DIMENSIONS- These skewers are the perfect size for any of your fun kabob creations. These skewers will be a superb size for bountiful foods and marshmallow fun. They are excellent for skewing fresh fruits or vegetables and giving perfect portions

ECO-FRIENDLY- Good fun food doesn't have to cause damage to the environment. No more worrying about the environmental risks of throwing away these skewers after your cookout. They are made out of an eco-friendly bamboo material to help keep our Earth healthy and clean.

SUPER DURABLE- Made from all natural bamboo material, these skewers are splinter free and long lasting. Works great on the grill and in the oven. Perfect for roasting marshmallows, barbecues, picnics and camping trip, these strong skewers won't snap or splinter while in use, leaving you worry free.

EASY TO USE- These 10 inch round skewers are super easy to use for any of your kabob creations. The sharp point and round body make piercing food quick and efficient every time so you can spend more time at your own party. Making food has never been so fun and easy

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