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Cake Decorated Rotating Plate & Bread Pan (Buy 01 & Get 01 Free)

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Cake Decorated Rotating Plate

This is an affordable cake stand, its function is relatively simple

The rubber ring on the base of cake turntable can prevent the cake from sliding. There are 6 balls inside the cake stand. Compared with other cake stand, our cake stand is of higher quality. It is a bit heavier, relatively smoother and non-slip to make you easily create beautiful borders along the base or design a professional cake.

Decorate your cakes with ease with revolving cake stand.This cake stand features a non-slip base and stainless steel ball bearings for smooth long lasting rotation.

Easy to keep clean and use. Highly corrosion resistant. Dessert decorating set for creating beautiful cakes, pastries, and more Easily add beautiful decorations to cakes and pastries, even hors d'oeuvres.

Bread Pan

JUST POPS OUT! Without the Use of Extra Butter or Flour.

Release small Loaf Bread Easily.

These pans are great for making mini dessert-type loaves for gifts.

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