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02 Layer Leaf Shape Soap Dish & Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge (Buy 1 & Get 1 Free)

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Limited Time Offer: Buy 1 & Get 1 Free
Buy 1 X 02 Layer Leaf Shape Soap Dish & Get 1 X Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge Free at 
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02 Layer Leaf Shape Soap Dish:

Soap dish-shaped by leaves, the integration of natural elements and home life, smooth lines, fresh and natural colors. It is not just a soap dish, but also an ornament, which adds fun to your daily life.

The new double-layer structure is innovative and upgraded. The bottom tray can also hold items, which can store more things than the old models and make more reasonable use of space. No need to punch holes for fixing, simple and convenient installation, can be easily moved without leaving traces.

Say goodbye to mushy and musty soap. This soap dish keeps your luxury soap dry and prevents it from wasting away. The intermediate triangle can divert water while blocking soap impregnation. Water will flow directly from the diversion port into the sink, keeping the soap dry and steady in place.

A fashionable and a versatile soap dish that can be used to control soap, sponge, brush, etc. You can use them in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, shower rooms, etc. Looking at this unique soap dish will bring you a good mood.

Kitchen Dish Cleaning Sponge:

With some of the grippiest bristles in the industry, our food grade silicone is no match for any of the other cheap alternatives as our sponges have the greatest scrubbing ability.

Our kitchen sponges are not just amazing dish scrubbers as they also work incredibly well as hot pads due to their great heat insulation. They can even be used as vegetable scrubbers due to their extreme scrubbing abilities which can easily be used to scrub the dirt off of vegetables and fruits like potatoes and apples.

Along with our cleaning sponges, we include 3 food grade bowl scrapers which will remove all of the hard stuck on food which makes it easier to clean your plates and pans with our sponges.

NOTE:Random Color & Patterns Are Available, Product Color & Pattern Will Be Sent As Per Availability.

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