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Emoji Emotion LED Fairy Light

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Love expressing your feelings with emoticons without saying a word with smiley lights?

Even more exciting than emojis on screen, our emoticon pendants light up in bright yellow, the universal smiley face color, via a battery operated on/off switch.

This novelty string lights is a selection of faces that denote a range of emotions from happy to sad, angry, confused, surprised, or tired.The story of emoji traces emoji from their origin as a symbol typeface created specifically for on-screen use by a Japanese mobile phone provider in the late 1990s to an international communication phenomenon.Emoji is widely used in twitter and other many applications,showing how are you today.

Ideal for a variety of purposes, use for: home, bedroom, birthday party, car, indoor patio camping, Christmas décor, great durability. Perfect gifts for kids and girls.

NOTE:Random Color & Patterns Are Available, Product Color & Pattern Will Be Sent As Per Availability.

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