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Noise Blocker Door Draft Stopper Dust Proof & Door Stop Suspension (Buy 01 & Get 01 Free)

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Buy 1 X Strong Sucker Balance Support Bar Handle Grip Anti Slipping & Get 1 X Door Stop Suspension Free at 

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Noise Blocker Door Draft Stopper Dust Proof

Under Door Bottom Seal Soundproof Draft Blocker.

This under door draft blocker also help to reduces light, noise, wind, cold air and smells

Black blocker match your dark color front door or bedroom door and resistant dirt.

Easy to install, simply slide your draft blocker under the door. No bending to reposition.

Door Stop Suspension

They are used on laminated wood floors and work perfectly to prevent doors from slipping and sliding in an apartment where we have very strong draughts of crossed air, a carpet, non-slip are of good quality.

Smart door stops adapt to all door gaps.

The slope design and non-slip base provide good grip power and keep doors in place all the time.

The soft rubber ensures that your floors and doors will not be damaged by coming into contact with the stopper.

Good quality, these door stops could also be recycled for years.

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