Car Push Start Button With Remote


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  • Car Push Start Button With Remote

    • Important:

      1. The system is a universal push engine start & stop, the remote engine start function is fit for automatic gear shift car. Continue to press unlock button and lock button 3 times will start the car. And press the lock button once will stop the car.

      3. The harness is fire retardant and freeze proofing


      Main feature:

      1. Smart push start & stop the car

      2. Remote engine star (this function is only fit for the automatic cars with lock signal output when press the lock button of the car remote control, or the user can’t use this function)

      3. The system need to work with car alarm system together.


      How to start and stop the car:

      1. Press the remote unlock button 1 second, the ignition switch flash blue light, be able to turn on the power and start the car.

      2. Step on the footbrake, the ignition switch flash blue light once per second, short press the ignition switch one time, the car will be started. If can’t start the car, try again until start the car then loose the finger.

      3. Long press the ignition switch until start the car, then loosen the finger

      4. Stop on the footbrake, press the ignition switch 0.5 second or do not step on the footbrake, press the ignition switch for 3 seconds, the car will be stopped

      Packing information:

      Brain x 1

      Push button x 1

      6P ignition harness x 1

      Wire harness x 1

      English user manual & installation guide x 1

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