Car Mobile Charger, Car Battery Cables And Towing Rope

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Car Mobile Charger


Quality: Good and Fast Charging

For All Types Of Car



Car Booster Cables

Always handle batteries with extreme caution. Lead acid batteries contain H2S04 acid avoid contact with eyes , skin & clothes etc.

Always refer car manual before attempting any connection of jumper cable.

Always remove vent caps and check the liquid level before jump starting. If liquid level is low, top up with distilled water to correct level.

If possible wear protective clothing safety goggles and gloves.

Never smoke or use naked flames near batteries; specially when the vent caps are removed


Car Towing Rope

Car Towing Rope

Heavy duty roadside recovery tow strap

Suitable for use with cars, 4x4s, vans and agricultural vehicles

2x forged steel hooks for easy on/off operation

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