04 x Car Auto Fold-able Sun Shade


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Auto Folding Car Side Window Sun Shade Feature: Fashionable design Auto Retractable,easy to install Protect you from strong sunshine UV protection Package includes: 4pc sun shades Universal Front Foldable Sun Shade Features: -- Double-sided aluminum foil, better for heat reflective -- Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry. -- Reduce heat by reflecting sun, -- Protect your car's interior from sun ; -- Suction cups provided to stick to the car window. -- Blocking sunlight and ultraviolet light, stronger insulation.

4 x Auto Folding Car Side Window Sun Shade by storeone.pk retract routinely while you open your windows and Protects the car. characteristic: stylish design car retractable,easy to put in defend you from strong sunshine uv protection. part of keeping your car correctly is shielding the indoors from intense temperatures and the damage that uv rays can reason. an car solar colour, which suits into the internal of the windshield and blocks the sun's rays, is an ideal answer. lamentably, the not unusual pop-up and foldaway fashion may be difficult and lots of humans grow pissed off, throwing the sun shades into their backseat floorboard and refusing to apply them as they grow to be warped from this mistaken care. sunshade vehicle is designed or constructed to cover or protect full automobile from daylight. also, it is designed perfectly to suit special vehicles consisting of suv, cars, bus, jeep and others. it's far designed with tech capabilities that allow it now not simply guard full vehicle but additionally quiet down automobile temperature. so, if you have car solar colour over your automobile you may be sure of managed temperature of your car in spite of the hotness of the weather or the scotching of the sun. it is able to even lessen the temperature up to 36°c. auto automobile folding umbrella is that it is built to not simply guard automobile from direct daylight but additionally help in defensive car from rain, acid rain, dust, hail, and others. that means with the help of car cover, you'll be certain of absolute protection. even birds losing can not be a trouble for you once more if you have car tent masking your car. those are reasons you must cross beforehand and get this automobile tent without losing another minute. it has the capabilities to defend your vehicle from any elements that could have an effect on it badly.

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