Pigeon Nourishing Shampoo

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Product description
Pigeon Newborn Pure Nourishing Shampoo is a perfect complement to Pigeon Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash. This ultra-gentle product is an ideal bath-time tool for cleansing your newborn’s fine and delicate hair. To gently clean and protect a newborn’s sensitive scalp, Pigeon enriched its formula with unique ingredients to respect the delicate balance of a baby’s scalp. This nourishing shampoo was designed specifically for a baby’s sensitive scalp, as it gently lathers without any irritation or tears: Gently penetrates and nourishes down to the hair roots of a newborn’s sensitive scalp Contains moisturizing ingredients that mimic the natural coat of protection on baby’s skin at birth Thanks to its new, trademark formula – Natulayer™ (inspired by nature’s own moisturizing barrier found on baby skin in the mother’s womb), Pigeon Newborn Pure Nourishing Shampoo offers a dual layer of moisturization and protection that is vital to a newborn baby’s scalp skin health

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